June 13th 2020

PUBQUIZ 13th of June 2020

Due to COVID-19 the festival is cancelled on the 13th of June this year and rescheduled to the 5th of June 2021. We will do everything we can to make it happen next year! 
However, we don't want to let the 13th of June go by unnoticed!
Therefore, at 20:30 on the 13th of June you have the possibility to join the online GLOBUS Pubquiz. Gather a team of family members, friends or housemates and enjoy the evening. By answering the questions correctly you have a chance to win prices!
We hope to see you on the 13th, online!
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The livestream will take place on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7vurfyG5Wvzu7uKdK4F6YQ
And find more information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/256142942371214/
For questions, send us an email to info@globusfestival.nl

ATTENTION, the GLOBUS Festival will be postponed from June to after the summer holidays.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have decided the only responsible decision is to change the date of our festival. This is backed by the new regulations as issued by the WUR today in regard to the cancellation of all events on campus until August 1st. The board closely follows all news surrounding corona and carefully weigh its implications for GLOBUS Festival. To guarantee safety for our visitors, people doing preparations on site and volunteers, the date of the festival had to be changed, backed by WUR regulation.

Right now we are working extremely hard in collaboration with our partners to find the best possible new date for the festival. When we know the exact date this will be communicated to you! Please bear with us whilst we try and clear all this up 🙏🏽

If you have already bought a ticket, this will of course still be valid for the coming edition. More information will follow about this later.

Stay safe and keep your enthusiasm for the festival to have something to look forward to.


GLOBUS is for everyone who loves music and at the same time wants to contribute to a good cause!

The first edition of GLOBUS music festival will take place in Wageningen. Environmental awareness has become a big and important point of discussion nowadays. We cannot close our eyes and ears for subjects that keep being brought up, such as climate change, illegal logging and excessive use of plastic. GLOBUS wants to show young people in a fun way that making a positive contribution to sustainability does not have to be difficult.

GLOBUS strives towards a festival that is as sustainable as possible, with a good line-upand different other activities. All of this, with the smallest ecological footprint possible. The final goal: buying and protecting an area of tropical rainforest as big as possible in Costa Rica with the profit of the festival.

Become a volunteer

GLOBUS festival is looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to join our crew before, during & after the festival on a voluntary basis. Do you feel like tapping beer, selling coins, provide guests with information and want to experience a festival from behind the scenes? Then we are looking for you!



Music, cheerfulness and enthusiasm: that is Blanks. The tall Dutch musician from Groningen is rapidly building up an international fan base with his YouTube channel "Music by Blanks", which already has more than 1.2 Million followers, averaging around 200 K views per video!
His "StyleSwaps" led to collaborations with DJ Armin van Buuren, and recently he received reactions from Ariana Grande and Post Malone on his covers of their hits.
With multiple successful own singles including "Don't Stop" and "Wave" - He won the 3FM Megahit as 3FM Talent - Blanks made a flying start. He recently announced a tour in the USA.

Son Mieux

What started four years ago as an acoustic solo project by Camiel Meiresonne (26), turned into a tight and stylish synth pop band in 2019. Fire and soul, this five-piece band has it all. Camiel himself is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, keyboard player and producer.
Camiel Meiresonne is Son Mieux and vice versa. The title of the debut album, "Faire de Son Mieux" (released on February 8, 2019), is French for "getting everything out of yourself" or "giving everything you have". "Faire de Son Mieux" consists of ten pop songs full of irresistible hooks and choruses. The stories are personal according to the best folk tradition, but all have an electronic base. This combination results in well-designed, ever-danceable music with a deep emotional message.
Together with his five-member band, Camiel impresses live with an energetic, musical and overwhelming show. According to De Volkskrant, they are even the discovery of Appelpop 2019! Curious to see them in real life? Come to GLOBUS festival! 

Diggy Dex

Diggy Dex is a well known Dutch artist who shared the stage with many great artists. He has made various albums with great hits such as "Treur Niet (Ode Aan Het Leven)" , "Slaap lekker (Fantastisch toch)" & "De Zon Op". This first song has been in the Top 40 for 17 weeks!
Since his debut as a solo artist in 2006 with "Verhalen Vanuit De Sofa", Diggy Dex has always had an open mind about music that cannot be tied to one style. His unique, narrative songs quickly earned him the nickname "Chansonrapper". Diggy Dex proved to be an excellent live act who rocks both at festivals and clubs!
The sixth and most recent album of the 39-year-old songwriter/rapper @diggydexofficial "Karavaan" is about being home and on the road.

Listen to the GLOBUS playlist on Spotify!

Who are we?

GLOBUS is being organized by a mixed group of 9 enthusiastic students from Wageningen. We are in different years of our universities and do different studies. What brought us together is a shared passion for the environment and nature. Together we voluntarily dedicate our time to organize the festival as fun and sustainable as possible, to show that sustainability and a greener lifestyle can be fun and creative.

Wout Blankenstijn

"I am now finishing up my bachelor environmental sciences at the Wageningen University. However most of my time I spend nowadays organizing this fantastic event. The thing that makes me really enthusiastic about organizing this, is that it is possible to link sustainable features with a fun event for all of us, whether you are environmentally focused or not, you can enjoy the day and do something for the world."

Marijn van der Meer

"I'm Marijn van der Meer and currently between my bachelor (Environmental sciences) and master. My task for GLOBUS is to arrange the line- up during the day. Throughout the years, I visited some amazing and beautiful places. Therefore, GLOBUS is for me an opportunity to safe these kind of spots. With GLOBUS, I hope that all of us, so board, volunteer, sponsor, artist but also the public, feels like making a nice impact. I hope to see you all!"

Eduard Vertegaal

"I am a third year bachelor of Environmental Sciences. Besides the drive to make a change for the better and create a more sustainable planet I also share a passion for organising live music which I have been doing for a couple of years already. GLOBUS is the way to combine those two passions for me."

Hanna van den Heuvel

Hi there! My name is Hanna and I am 21 years old. I am currently in my first year of my Environmental Sciences master, in which I focus on policy and the energy transition. I believe mitigating climate change is the single greatest challenge of our time, and everyone has to do their bit to address the problem. Many want to, but simply don't know how. I am deeply passionate about showing people how accessible sustainability is, as well as loving the organization of events. Combining these two hobbies, it only made sense to become a part of GLOBUS festival!

Iris Jonker

"I am currently busy finishing my bachelor environmental sciences and I have a big passion for the environment and especially the animals that live in it. In my gap year, I have done months of voluntary work in wildlife reserves in South Africa and through the festival I hope to raise awareness on the impact of climate change on animals in the environment."

Henry Rommelse

"I am a second year Earth and Environment student who specializes in soil chemistry. In my spare time I head out to the forest and ride my mountain bike. Like me humans and animals all around the world enjoy the forest and thus in my opinion it should be preserved for generations to come. GLOBUS is a great initiative to support this mindset. By giving a party for people to enjoy on the 13th of June and a forest to enjoy for centuries to come."

Wytse Vonk

"I am Wytse, a first year master student of the master plant sciences. In my spare time, you can find me cycling on my racing bike or working for Globus. I am responsible for all activities next to the music at the festival. I hope that people will get inspired by Globus and learn that is is not hard and even can be fun to contribute to a sustainable world!"

Maaike van Houtert

"As a typical fourth year bachelor student nutrition & health I keep myself busy with food, either cooking, growing or eating it. I have a passion for sustainability and green living, as being part of different organisations within the Green Active Network (GAN) of Wageningen. The past years I've done a lot of work on festivals in and outside the Netherlands. Therefore I am the volunteer director of GLOBUS and will try to make the festival as green as possible!"

Janko Witte

"My name is Janko and I’m 20 years old. At the moment, I’m in my third year of the Bsc Environmental Sciences at the WUR. If I’m not studying or working for GLOBUS, I’m, probably trying to produce a pleasant sound out of my keyboard, guitar or throat. Either that, or I’m somewhere busy with trying to kick a ball between to poles. At GLOBUS, I would like to help organize something to make people realize that being sustainable is not always tedious or annoying."

Become partner

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GLOBUS is not just any festival - we are fun in our festivities but serious about sustainability. However, we have noticed sustainability is a massive buzzword these days that is used a lot but means a little. Therefore, in this section you can read about how exactly GLOBUS is different from your average festival in terms of what we contribute to our beautiful planet earth.

Whenever we refer to sustainability we refer to the Brundlandt definition of sustainable devleopment (1987): we aim to be a festival that ‘meets the needs of present generations without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their own.

GLOBUS Festival is sustainable in three ways.

First of all, we are sustainable through our profit use - rather than using profit for our own good (none of our board members receive any financial compensation), 100% will go towards buying acres of rainforest in Costa Rica to protect it from deforestation. We do so in collaboration with our partner Work With Nature, a NGO who specializes in not merely buying the rainforest, but also protecting the ecosystem within as well as educating locals on the improtance of the tropical rainforest. Find out more about Work with Nature here

Secondly, we are sustainable through the choices we make in the organization of our festival. Both in front of and behind the scenes lots of choices have been to cut down our emissions in comparison to average festivals. For instance, rather than any dixies, our festival uses eco-toilets in which human waste is being reused for biogas and phosphate recovery. The tokens we use are biodegradable and made from starch rather than plastic. We separate waste streams for maximum recycling. We do not use plastic single use cups; rather, we opt for hard cups. The majority of the decorations on our festival are made from second-hand materials that would otherwise be trashed. Plastic waste is being given a second life on our festival by using it for a trashart work. Almost all food on our festival is vegetarian or vegan. The list goes on and on…

Lastly, we are sustainable through the inspiration we hope to evoke within the visitors of our festival. We want to have a lasting sustainable impact on the lives of our visitors that carries far beyond the day itself. Therefore, we have a sustainability market with stands on which various organizations, startups and companies will explain their take on sustainable choices in daily life. Here, you can learn everything there is to learn about how your every-day routine can become a little bit more green with a few simple swaps. We also have exciting speakers and workshops to really bring this topic to life, which shall be announced under the section ‘programme’ later.

 If you have any specific questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch by sending an email to info@globusfestival.nl.

Support us

Donations are appreciated! Our bank account number is: NL28TRIO0379687119 attn. Stichting Globus


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