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Ticket sale starts 6th of May at 17.30!!

Tickets are sold per 2 so quickly find a partner!

The Sustainable Music & Food Festival

3rd and 4th of July in Wageningen

This will be the festival that will give you a taste of the atmosphere of an outdoor festival again. You will be able to enjoy bands while sitting comfortably with a friend, sister, brother, lover or date. Experience the summer music while you have a special lunch or dinner together.


While you will be enjoying yourself there, you protect the rainforest in Costa Rica at the same time!
Click here to read about the good cause of GLOBUS.

GLOBUS is in early July, which means that you will be one of the first to go to a festival. Because we want to be able to let you come without worries, the festival is completely corona-proof.

Already have a ticket?
If you had already bought a ticket for the festival in 2020, it will of course remain valid for the next edition. An e-mail about this has been sent to the ticket holders. Important, stay healthy and maintain the enthusiasm for the festival to have something fun to look forward to!
For questions, send us an email to info@globusfestival.nl


Ticket sale starts 6th of May at 17.30!!

The tickets are sold per 2 people This has to do with covid-19 measures that we apply at the festival, so quickly find a partner! Depending on the time slot you choose, the ticket contains a lunch box, dinner box or free drink that will be ready for you at the festival. If the festival cannot take place due to the corona measures, you will get the money of the ticket back (excluding service costs). 


GLOBUS is for everyone who loves music and at the same time wants to contribute to a good cause!

The first edition of GLOBUS music festival will take place in Wageningen. Environmental awareness has become a big and important point of discussion nowadays. We cannot close our eyes and ears for subjects that keep being brought up, such as climate change, illegal logging and excessive use of plastic. GLOBUS wants to show young people in a fun way that making a positive contribution to sustainability does not have to be difficult.

GLOBUS strives towards a festival that is as sustainable as possible, with a good line-upand different other activities. All of this, with the smallest ecological footprint possible. The final goal: buying and protecting an area of tropical rainforest as big as possible in Costa Rica with the profit of the festival.

Become a volunteer

GLOBUS festival is looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to join our crew before, during & after the festival on a voluntary basis. Do you feel like pouring beer, selling coins or providing guests with information? It's all possible during the festival

Keep an eye on the website for updates regarding signing up for this in the coming period


Saturday 3rd of July

 Timeslot 1: 13:30 - 15:40       

 Corvin €25 p.p + Lunch box*

 Snow Coats            


 Timeslot 2:  16:45 – 18:55

 Nona                                            €27,50  p.p. + Diner box *


 Twan Ray

 Timeslot 3:  20:00 – 22:10

 Twan Ray                                   €20 p.p + Free drink *

 Snow Coats


Sunday 4th of July 

 Timeslot 1: 13:30 - 15:40

 Florian Wolff                                   €25 p.p + Lunch box *

 Micah & Julia


 Timeslot 2:  16:45 – 18:55

 MEROL                                           €27,50 p.p + Diner box *

 Fred Goverde

 Micah & Julia 

 Timeslot 3:  20:00 – 22:10

 Florian Wolff                                 €20 p.p + Free drink *

 Micah & Julia 

 Fred Goverde

Each artist will perform for 30 minutes with a 20 minute interval between each performance. Don't worry, the breaks will be filled with entertainment! Depending on the time slot you choose, the ticket includes a lunch box, dinner box or free drink that will be ready for you at the festival. This way you can also enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner while enjoying our artists.  

* Important !! Prices are shown per person but tickets are sold per 2 people This has to do with covid-19 measures that we apply at the festival, so quickly find a partner!

Keep an eye on the website, Facebook or Instagram for updates regarding the program 


In addition to performances by artists, you can also enjoy delicious food at the festival! For example, the ticket for the first time slot contains a lunch box and the ticket for the second time slot contains a dinner box. Do you also enjoy snacking? Then you can also order a snack box with your ticket. The lunch box, dinner box or snack box will be ready for you at the festival. While you and your festival partner sit back and sing along with the artists, you can enjoy our partner's Vreemde Streken food that they prepared for you 

Curious about what is in the lunch box, dinner box or snack box? Then read on

Lunch box: 

Bread pizza with green topping and vegan cheese, wrap, a sweet snack and salad

Dinner box: 

Thai vegetable curry, white rice, tofu and plantain

Snack box:

Toast & bread with dips, vegetable chips & nut mix and a puff pastry snack

Who are we?

GLOBUS is being organized by a mixed group of 9 enthusiastic students from Wageningen. We are in different years of our universities and do different studies. What brought us together is a shared passion for the environment and nature. Together we voluntarily dedicate our time to organize the festival as fun and sustainable as possible, to show that sustainability and a greener lifestyle can be fun and creative.

Wout Blankenstijn

"Tropical Rainforest; a natural wonder and so valuable. In view of climate change I am convinced of the importance of preserving this important CO2 sink of the world. This is also the field where my passion and interest lies; climate change. I like to understand this change the world is facing today in my master “Climate Studies”. However next to my theoretical study, GLOBUS is an awesome and great opportunity to already be practically pro-active in my field of passion."

Marijn van der Meer

"Hey Everyone! I'm Marijn van der Meer and currently working hard to finish my first year for the master Climate Studies. For GLOBUS, my task is to give you some very nice performances during the day! Past years, I have been privileged to visit some beautiful places in the world. Therefore, I want to make GLOBUS a success in which we give back to earth! With GLOBUS, I hope that all of us have the feeling of impacting the world in a positive way! I hope to see you all!"

Iris Jonker

"I just finished my bachelor Environmental Sciences and will start my master Global Wildlife Health & Conservation in September. I care a lot about the environment and especially the animals that live in it. During my gap year I did voluntary work for several months in wildlife reserves in South-Africa and with this festival I hope to create more awareness about the impact of climate change on animals." 

Wytse Vonk

"I am Wytse, a second year master student of the master plant sciences. In my spare time you can find me on the racing bike or working for GLOBUS. I am responsible for all activities besides the music at the festival. I hope that people will get inspired through GLOBUS and learn that it is not difficult and can even be fun to contribute to a sustainable world!"

Tessa van Assen

"My name is Tessa, and I am studying Communication, Health & Life Sciences, where I focus on the social and behavioral aspects of health and health promotion. In my free time, I spend a lot of time on sports, music, and cooking. I would like to contribute to making the world more sustainable and I really enjoy organizing events. By organizing this festival, I can combine this! I hope that through this festival, we can inspire others too."

Janko Witte

"My name is Janko and I’m 22 years old. At the moment I am studying Climate studies at the WUR. You might recognize me as the host of the amazingly successful GLOBUS Pubquiz. With GLOBUS, I would like to help organize something to make people realize that being sustainable is not always tedious or annoying."

Become partner

Download the sponsor brochure here


GLOBUS is not just any festival - we are fun in our festivities but serious about sustainability. However, we have noticed sustainability is a massive buzzword these days that is used a lot but means a little. Therefore, in this section you can read about how exactly GLOBUS is different from your average festival in terms of what we contribute to our beautiful planet earth.

Whenever we refer to sustainability we refer to the Brundlandt definition of sustainable devleopment (1987): we aim to be a festival that ‘meets the needs of present generations without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their own.

GLOBUS Festival is sustainable in three ways.

First of all, we are sustainable through our profit use - rather than using profit for our own good (none of our board members receive any financial compensation), 100% will go towards buying acres of rainforest in Costa Rica to protect it from deforestation. We do so in collaboration with our partner Work With Nature, a NGO who specializes in not merely buying the rainforest, but also protecting the ecosystem within as well as educating locals on the improtance of the tropical rainforest. Find out more about Work with Nature here

Secondly, we are sustainable through the choices we make in the organization of our festival. Both in front of and behind the scenes lots of choices have been to cut down our emissions in comparison to average festivals. For instance, rather than any dixies, our festival uses eco-toilets in which human waste is being reused for biogas and phosphate recovery. The tokens we use are biodegradable and made from starch rather than plastic. We separate waste streams for maximum recycling. We do not use plastic single use cups; rather, we opt for hard cups. The majority of the decorations on our festival are made from second-hand materials that would otherwise be trashed. Plastic waste is being given a second life on our festival by using it for a trashart work. Almost all food on our festival is vegetarian or vegan. The list goes on and on…

Lastly, we are sustainable through the inspiration we hope to evoke within the visitors of our festival. We want to have a lasting sustainable impact on the lives of our visitors that carries far beyond the day itself. We have exciting speakers and workshops to really bring the topic of sustainability to life, which shall be announced under the section ‘programme’ later.

 If you have any specific questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch by sending an email to info@globusfestival.nl.

Support us

Donations are appreciated! Our bank account number is: NL28TRIO0379687119 attn. Stichting Globus


Costerweg 50-B2
6701BH Wageningen

Wout: +31 (0)6 46697161
Marijn: +31 (0)6 21412746

E-mail address:

KvK: 74540505

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