June 13th 2020



GLOBUS is for everyone who loves music and at the same time wants to contribute to a good cause!

On the 13th of June 2020 the first edition of the GLOBUS music festival will take place in Wageningen. Environmental awareness has become a big and important point of discussion nowadays. We cannot close our eyes and ears for subjects that keep being brought up, such as climate change, illegal logging and excessive use of plastic. GLOBUS wants to show young people in a fun way that making a positive contribution to sustainability does not have to be difficult.

GLOBUS strives towards a festival that is as sustainable as possible, with a good line-upand different other activities. All of this, with the smallest ecological footprint possible. The final goal: buying and protecting an area of tropical rainforest as big as possible in Costa Rica with the profit of the festival.


The programme has not yet been announced. More information about this will follow soon. Keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook and Instagram page.

Who are we?

GLOBUS is being organized by a mixed group of 9 enthusiastic students from Wageningen. We are in different years of our universities and do different studies. What brought us together is a shared passion for the environment and nature. Together we voluntarily dedicate our time to organize the festival as fun and sustainable as possible, to show that sustainability and a greener lifestyle can be fun and creative.

Want to know more about who are responsible for this festival? Read more below.

Wout Blankenstijn

"I am now finishing up my bachelor environmental sciences at the Wageningen University. However most of my time I spend nowadays organizing this fantastic event. The thing that makes me really enthusiastic about organizing this, is that it is possible to link sustainable features with a fun event for all of us, whether you are environmentally focused or not, you can enjoy the day and do something for the world."

Marijn van der Meer

"I'm Marijn van der Meer and currently between my bachelor (Environmental sciences) and master. My task for GLOBUS is to arrange the line- up during the day. Throughout the years, I visited some amazing and beautiful places. Therefore, GLOBUS is for me an opportunity to safe these kind of spots. With GLOBUS, I hope that all of us, so board, volunteer, sponsor, artist but also the public, feels like making a nice impact. I hope to see you all on the 13th of June."

Eduard Vertegaal

"I am a third year bachelor of Environmental Sciences. Besides the drive to make a change for the better and create a more sustainable planet I also share a passion for organising live music which I have been doing for a couple of years already. GLOBUS is the way to combine those two passions for me."

Hanna van den Heuvel

"Hi there! My name is Hanna and I am 21 years old. I am currently in my first year of my Environmental Sciences master, in which I focus on policy and the energy transition. I believe mitigating climate change is the single greatest challenge of our time, and everyone has to do their bit to address the problem. Many want to, but simply don't know how. I am deeply passionate about showing people how accessible sustainability is, as well as loving the organization of events. Combining these two hobbies, it only made sense to become a part of GLOBUS festival!"

Iris Jonker

"I am currently busy finishing my bachelor environmental sciences and I have a big passion for the environment and especially the animals that live in it. In my gap year, I have done months of voluntary work in wildlife reserves in South Africa and through the festival I hope to raise awareness on the impact of climate change on animals in the environment."

Henry Rommelse

"I am a second year Earth and Environment student who specializes in soil chemistry. In my spare time I head out to the forest and ride my mountain bike. Like me humans and animals all around the world enjoy the forest and thus in my opinion it should be preserved for generations to come. GLOBUS is a great initiative to support this mindset. By giving a party for people to enjoy on the 13th of June and a forest to enjoy for centuries to come."

Wytse Vonk

"I am Wytse, a first year master student of the master plant sciences. In my spare time, you can find me cycling on my racing bike or working for Globus. I am responsible for all activities next to the music at the festival. I hope that people will get inspired by Globus and learn that is is not hard and even can be fun to contribute to a sustainable world!"

Maaike van Houtert

"As a typical fourth year bachelor student nutrition & health I keep myself busy with food, either cooking, growing or eating it. I have a passion for sustainability and green living, as being part of different organisations within the Green Active Network (GAN) of Wageningen. The past years I've done a lot of work on festivals in and outside the Netherlands. Therefore I am the volunteer director of GLOBUS and will try to make the festival as green as possible!"

Janko Witte

"My name is Janko and I’m 20 years old. At the moment, I’m in my third year of the Bsc Environmental Sciences at the WUR. If I’m not studying or working for GLOBUS, I’m, probably trying to produce a pleasant sound out of my keyboard, guitar or throat. Either that, or I’m somewhere busy with trying to kick a ball between to poles. At GLOBUS, I would like to help organize something to make people realize that being sustainable is not always tedious or annoying."

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"With our festival we want to make a positive contribution to the world. The goal of the festival is clear: less things are more sustainable than the protection of tropical rainforest. However, we think it is important to take it further and also organize the festival as sustainable as possible. Many times events go hand in hand with a lot of litter, power consumption and disposable plastic. We want to show that it can be done differently: we separate waste, use green energy and make use of hard plastic cups that can be washed after consumption and reused again. In this way we set an example for other events in the Netherlands and hope to expand our positive contribution to after the festival. "

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